Inside John “Overton” Henton’s Life & Romance With Kim Fields

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living single
It was a revolutionizing concept for its time when six twenty-somethings black young adults were the focus of a comedy that dealt with every day problems in New York City. Sounds familar? You may be thinking of the television show “Friends,” but the original idea was executed on “Living Single” on Fox television in 1993.
The cast included rap legend and future Academy Award nominee Queen Latifah as a leading acting talent and also brought a different dimension to former The Facts of Life star Kim Fields’ reputation as sitcom royalty. It also gave another star from a classic sitcom, Cosby Show, a revamp in character in Erika Alexander who played “Cousin Pam,” as Maxine Shaw.


Ironically, Kim Fields played the bougie Regine Hunter on the show, while John Henton portrayed the lovable Overton. Not too many fans knew that the two were a couple in real life for a time.  On the show, Henton’s character was madly in love with the good-natured receptionist Synclaire James played by Kim Coles,  who would later become his wife on the program.
The cast continues to be close as stated by Kim Coles in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2020, by admitting all  six co-stars — her, Erika Alexander, John Henton, Kim Fields, T.C. Carson and Queen Latifah — have a text thread “that’s so funny and personal” they use to regularly stay in touch. “[It] just goes on and on and on,” she shared. “We check in with each other or we laugh at something or we celebrate births and deaths and marriages and divorces and all the things. And so this is just sort of an ongoing thing.”
You’re probably very familiar with the storylines of both of these characters, but how much do you know about John himself?
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