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‘Juice’ Movie Set Got Shot At After 2Pac Yelled “F*** New York!

2Pac The 1990's was a time of turmoil in hip hop with the East Coast vs West Coast rivalry that was fueled by the media. There was a shooting that occurred on the set allegedly. The actor who played Steele, Jermaine Hopkins, spoke with VladTV about urban legends surrounding Tupac...


Mike Tyson & Wack 100 Get Into Fight Over 2pac

Wack 100 claims he got into a fistfight with Mike Tyson while taping the boxing legend’s HotBoxin podcast at Tyson Ranch. The issue came about when the topic of Tupac Shakur came up. As we all know, Shakur was a friend of the former boxing champ. Wack 100 has been...

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