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When rappers appeared on game shows

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Alongside listening to classic Canadian hip-hop and streaming movies on Netflix, game shows have been a commonly explored television option for people. Some of us grew up with familiar hosts changing the lives of contestants, while others regularly watch them today as they enjoy putting their general knowledge to the test. Even some of the rap game’s biggest names have appeared on game shows over the years, too.

A rapper-packed show is unmissable, particularly if you’re a fan of a specific rapper and fancy seeing how they fare when put under pressure. Over the years, fans of the genre have been treated to a number of memorable appearances from some of hip-hop’s finest. Sadly, though, in the modern world, this comical trend appears to be fading somewhat.

Now, rappers, much like the gamers of today, have more chance of playing at a Broadway theater show or a Wonderland live casino game show than appearing on our television screens and testing their mettle on a well-known show. In times gone by, though, these types of game show appearances were certainly more common and definitely memorable. Let’s take a look at just some of them below.


Ice Cube appeared on Chris Moyles’s Quiz Night


Depending on where you are in the world, Chris Moyles is a familiar personality. Particularly popular with UK audiences, Moyles left his role as a radio DJ for a brief stint as a game show host, with arguably one of rap’s biggest legends, Ice Cube, taking to the stage and making an appearance on Chris Moyles’s Quiz Night. With a great mind on the show like Stephen Fry, Ice Cube didn’t cover himself in glory after cheating on a number of rounds by looking at Chris Moyles’s answer sheet! That’s a serious gangster move, to be fair.


Snoop Dogg was on The Price Is Right

When he isn’t sipping on gin and juice, Snoop Dogg is known to love quizzes and game shows. This was in evidence when he appeared on The Price Is Right. It was certainly a comical showing, too. Snoop Dogg turned to the crowd to help him determine the price of a pizza crust, before settling on six dollars as a solid estimate for some bird feed. The much-loved rapper didn’t seem to know what was going on, but he succeeded. The contestant reigned supreme and took home a Cadillac thanks to Snoop’s help.

The Game went on Change Of Heart in 1998 

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A bit before he became a global rap superstar, The Game entertained audiences on the romantic reconciliation show, Change of Heart. A hugely popular show at the time in 1998, the rapper was wearing a classic Hawaiian shirt as a wave of criticism from his ex-partner was thrown his way. She certainly didn’t hold back either, with The Game coming under fierce pressure from a person who evidently didn’t think much of him anymore. She said: “He always tries to act extra macho and he’s not, he’s really sensitive.”


The Weakest Link has featured numerous rappers 


Easily one of the most popular game shows around the world, particularly as various nations have their own version of the show, The Weakest Link is one of the toughest game show challenges a contestant can take on. Even rappers fancied putting their general knowledge to the test as they aimed to dodge the vote and experience glory. Largely due to her harsh jokes, presenter Anne Robinson is perhaps a face most people associate with The Weakest Link, and she certainly didn’t hold back when the likes of Nate Dogg, B-Real, Da Brat, Xzibit, Young MC and Jermaine Dupri all appeared on the show.